About Us

Howertons Baptist Church

3875 Essex Mill Road

Dunnsville, VA 22454




Howertons Baptist Church in Essex County, Virginia, is a body of believers committed to the service of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Members must have accepted Jesus Christ by personal relationship as Savior and Lord and must be baptized by immersion. We believe every member is called of God to be actively involved in a ministry for which God has gifted and equipped them. The church is made up of many talented Christians striving to use their abilities to better serve Christ and be a witness for Him. We seek to live our mission statement daily:

We, the body of Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, walk together in Christian love to advance this church in faithful service, spiritual growth and compassionate outreach.


Howertons Baptist Church, originally called Howerton Baptist, was formed in July 1856 and accepted into the Rappahannock Baptist Association. Howertons is a daughter church of Old Piscataway Baptist Church (formed in March 1774) which is now Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Dunbrooke, Virginia.

The original meeting house on the property that Howertons resides now was built by Old Piscataway Church in 1795 and was named “The Bestland Meeting House”. This building was a crude fame building that was built on the site of the current cemetery. The current 2 story brick sanctuary began construction in 1855 and was completed in 1859 at a cost of $111.00.

The original membership of Howertons Baptist Church was 86 members and Howard Montague was the first pastor.